Spermomax Questions Answers

What makes Spermomax so efficient?
The fine herbs found in Spermomax formula have been used for years in Eastern Medicine to enhance male libido, sexual power and fertility and they are proven to their efficiency throughout generations. We created a perfect blend of all of these herbs in Spermomax to offer you the best experience in sperm enhancement and better sexual health with rock hard erections, intensified orgasms.

Another advantage of Spermomax is that it doesnt require any prescription or doctor visits however if you have specific health issues we highly suggest you to consult your doctor first before using Spermomax.

How should I use Spermomax?
The generally suggested use of Spermomax is 2 pills per day 30 minutes after breakfast. However if you want to get better results you may take upto 4 Spermomax pills per day. Please don't exceed 4 Spermomax pills in a day or don't exceed 2 pills within 8 hours. Dont take twice your daily dosage to catch up if you forget a dose almost 24 hours,instead of taking the forgotten pills skip that dose and continue to take your usual dose.

Why would I want to optimise my sperm production?
Which man doesnt want to increase the sperm volume up to 4-5 squirts and ejaculate like a porn star ?It is a known fact that having more sperm results with a more satisfying sexual relationship for both men and women.
*Some benefits of enhancing your sperm volume are :
* Longer and more powerful orgasms
* Having more sexual desire
* Stronger erections
* Improved flavor of your sperm
Does Spermomax Sperm Pills have benefits for erectile dysfunction and impotence?
Definitely! While taking Spermomax Sperm Pills you will not only have more sperm but you will also have powerful, rock hard erections during your sexual intercourses. We know by our customer experiences that Spermomax can be very beneficial for those who have sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Does Spermomax have a penis enlargement effect?
Spermomax Sperm Pills is specially formulated to increase sperm volume however Spermomax has a positive effect on the size of penis. Some tonics in Spermomax increase penis blood flow which results with stronger erections and increased penis size. Some of our customers reported 1 inch of penis enlargement.

Does Spermomax work on people who had a vasectomy?
Although you will produce more sperm with Spermomax you can NOT become fertile by using Spermomax if you had a vasectomy. However you will have all other positive effects such as powerful erections and orgasms, more stamina .

Is it safe to use Spermomax in terms of side effects?
Spermomax's formula has been on the market since 1999 under different brands and its herbal formula has been tested in labaroratories and tried by many customers. It is a safe natural herbal formula that will not cause you any harmful side effect however if you have any serious health problem you should consult your doctor first.
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